Friday, May 20, 2011

Tradition VS Innovation...

As an artist I recognize the desire to innovate, to create something new and "never before seen" or at the very least unique.

For me while this is perfectly acceptable there is also an "issue" with it.  When an artist or other craftsperson does not take the time to understand the original art & technique and chooses to go their own way without regard for why something is done a certain way.  To me there is a reason why the technique is performed in a certain fashion and that should be honored and understood before one goes and "tears it all apart".  I feel that disregarding this is a bit of disrespect to the artform itself as well as those who brought it to be and various other people who may have contributed to the artform.

Am I 100% against paving a new way?  No, but I don't believe is disregarding something just because it's the way it's always been done.  This came out in a conversation with another artist while I was (much like now) working with a particular medium.  She commented on how she "never does things that way".  My reply was that that was, "how it's supposed to be done".  "Well I rarely do things like that, and I didn't learn that way."  So because you had incorrect instruction you choose to refuse to learn the correct way?  That seems like a bit of a copout to me and just plain lazy.

So if you innovate, good for you - but hear this artist's plea and take the time to educate yourself properly and see how things are done.  And if you always stick to "the way it's done" jump out of the box and experiment.

Thanks for tuning in! many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's up in May???

We decided some time ago that for our store we'd post a blog update every first of the month.  This would allow us to recap the previous month and lay out some things to come for the new month.  With this new blog we're opting to do something similar but directed at the main expression of this blog - all things *not* business...

Afterall, what's the purpose of a blog if no one reads it???

We've made a few posts here and there, but mostly this blog focuses on thoughts that occur to us spur of the moment without any real planning.  While we like it that way we will share with you some of the regular goings on with the artist.

As we mentioned in the other blog we've instituted a new schedule.  It is comprised of everything we have to do in a day (getting ready, chores, and other household duties).  While that particular schedule isn't too cluttered, we only have seven hours (from the hour of six am to midnight) to do any "work".  As we have two businesses we opted to separate the two time frames (which are separated by our "Afternoon Routine") between the two so we're not stuck working on one thing/genre allllll day.  So far so good!

We're proud to say that yesterday we *finally* got to the local yarn store to pick up the remainder of what we needed for two orders, and even got a little something just for us (you can check out the "Spring Me Armwarmers" post for more details)

Currently in our queue are...
  • Butterfly Mosaic Shawl (another just for us - made using Malabrigo's Merino Worsted):  it's been in our queue for awhile, but as a business owner it's our tendency to work on things we're getting paid for, or will be, first rather than "fun" or "personal" stuff.  We also lost the schematic we drew up for the LONGEST time and thankfully in some Spring cleaning last month found it.
  • "Itchystitches' " Photography Website:  While we aren't sharing the link we will tell you all about our photography friend.  She expressed an interest in photography which has grown into an "I want to do this for a living" endeavor and we've been doing our best to support another artist.  (Plus we really love her stuff anyhow!)  In an effort to assist her in networking we introduced her to LinkedIn and are helping her set up a free website to get her started and showcase more of her work.
  • Spring Me Armwarmers:  While these are for us, we're hoping that the sheer awesomeness of the design (thank you Coty) and the changes we're making will get some orders for these.  We even went so far as to prepare some color cards for the yarn we used (loads of fun there .... pffft).
While quite honestly there is more going on than those handful of projects we're also trying to keep an eye on our time and "not over do it" otherwise that lovely schedule we set up is useless now isn't it?

So here's to May and many things done!  See you soon, if not in June! :p many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...