Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lace Away!

I've long since been bitten by the lace bug.  First with crochet, then knitting, but now most recently I've been striving to tackle two other lace techniques (both crochet oriented) that I had been leery of at first:  broomstick lace & hairpin lace.

When I first saw the former I couldn't fathom how it was done, and the latter boggled my mind even more.  Hairpin became a little clearer when I realized it used a special tool, but then I was daunted by the fact that I didn't know how to use it and wasn't sure I could "get it".  (Which altogether now sounds ridiculous to me as I seem to take to fiber arts with gusto and quickly progress in technique.)  A few weeks ago I finally got up the courage to mess about with broomstick lace, and realized how silly I was thinking it was difficult.  Now that medium has turned into a separator curtain I will be working on for myself.  Hairpin lace still eluded me, up until tonight.  Finally I saw a pin on Pinterest and looking at it it somehow seemed less scary so I looked it over and then realized I could fake the funk and make my own make-shift loom to try it out.

Now I find myself drooling over a handmade loom, and contemplating all the lace I will make with it (not that I have any idea of what this lace will make) and how utterly lovely it will be.  Then there is the curtain I've taken to working on this eve, a fuzzy orange and canary yellow color to afford us a separator for a door in our apartment that is a semi-public thoroughfare.

Obsess much?  I find it all funny.  Alternative type person as I am, messing about with something so delicate & girly as lace.  Had I told myself ten years ago I would be doing this I would have scoffed and denied it, simply for the fact that "I'm not a lace person".  And yet here I am.  Funny how things work out. many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

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