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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Coat of Many Squares Pt 1

So way back in September I posted about a Scrap Afghan I was working on.  Since that time I have done a little bit of a switcheroo and decided to turn my humble scrap blanket into a coat.  This of course was inspired by one of my famous pattern searches on Ravelry in which I was looking for a coat.

Originally when I saw the inspiration in question I said well while I don't want to buy a pattern I'm going to use just for me, I'm willing to because I want it that badly.  And then I realized it was in French.  *fail*  Well I tried anyhow and sent a message on Ravelry (in English first) and awaited a reply.  A few weeks later I came back, went to the pattern purchase page and requested again some information and details on purchase (this time translated to French) and still to no avail.  Frankly I got tired of waiting, being extremely impatient as it is, and opted to use the pictures as inspiration and piece together something myself using that I already had in my afghan and merely moving about some squares.  And so it was born...

I knew at first blush my coat wouldn't be as pretty as the one I saw pictured.  After all it had a somewhat cohesive color scheme, was worked in finer yarn and appeared to have some shaping.  But I didn't let that stop me.  So far so good, it's a bit boxy, but I have done several edits added and removed squares and went up and down in gauge.  I near the end of it now having only to put one additional square on each sleeve, add a slit, finish the back shaping, then buttons and a belt and I am ready to retry on.

Then what?  After that I'm not sure.  I have considered making a tutorial with my method or a low price pattern.  But other than that I'm not altogether sure I want to or not.  So my question to you is would you buy it? many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

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