Sunday, March 4, 2012

Normally Not Here...

Normally I wouldn't post this here - as it relates to another one of my blogs.  However given the vein of this blog I had to put in at the very least a mention here.

I peruse Ravelry, a lot, one might say too much but I would tend to disagree (though I have completely put off getting things done in favor going through "one more page in the pattern search" before...)  The project in question I started at the beginning of November of last year.  I had seen it earlier in April of the same year and fell in love with it, but had no reason to make it for myself or any weight that would really be suitable for it.  So I queued it, favorited it, and put it out of my mind for the moment.  Later in the year I was speaking to a dear friend of mine who I have known for years.  She told me she was deploying and I knew then and there that I would find a way (I wasn't working steadily at the time) to send her a care package.  More time went by and as I spoke to her more I knew that a prayer shawl was definitely going to be in this package.  Then my search began.

Now typically I try to make things for people that scream, "make me for this person".  If I am going to spend hours on something I want it to truly be appropriate for them and be something they will enjoy having and not out of just general gratitude.  I searched for awhile and found nothing that really spoke to me on her behalf.  Then I remembered the name of a shawl which I had recalled thinking was strikingly pretty and decided to dig it up and look again to see if it was right.  Voila, there it was, a beautiful lace shawl and labeled as a prayer one at that and a free pattern.  Ka-ching!

I spent a few months working on it, using a slightly modified version of it that made it more into a half circle than a three quarter circle.  I had high hopes when I started, I had been bitten by the lace bug when doing another shawl before and now I was a fanatic.  But perhaps I thought this time I had bitten off a little more than I could chew...uhm, yea, yea I think that's accurate.

As an artist I strive to do my work to a certain standard.  I wouldn't say perfect in the most literal sense of the word but definitely to standard.  This particular shawl though didn't quite work out like that.  In several instances I completely botched the stitch count, ranging from being 4 off to almost 20...>,< ouch.  And not being too experienced I didn't want to take it off the needles and redo (I knew it'd never be finished if I did that).  So I trudged on fixing what I could so that it would be right the next row or closer to right.  Finally last week I finished it.

Enter the other over sight.  It.  Was.  HUGE!  Not a bit bigger, but all out holy crap stretches past one end of the couch to the other...and it's not even blocked yet wow.  Oops.

So aside from the rampant mistakes and oversizedness of it all (I chuckle now because I have been called a "size queen" before and I wouldn't admit to it then...) it looks okay.  I can tell it's not quite right, and I'm sure anyone who has made it and the designer would be able to point out many mistakes.  But it's a gift, it was made with love, and that's all that counts!

Pictures to be added later, and ps I hurt my shoulder wetting it to block because it's so heavy... many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

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