Friday, September 9, 2011


Recently it came to my attention that I may have yarn stash problem.  While perusing LinkedIn I noted a question about having a stashohlism problem.  Of course I wouldn't admit to having the issue myself *chuckle* I cannot deny my love of adding to my stash.  Anytime I see a sale, clearance, or any discounted giveaway or donation my mouth waters at the prospect of new yarn.  Like a brain hungry zombie I find myself making a steady beeline towards the display or gleefully nodding as I accept my "new" yarn open armed.

However, even with my prolific amount of projects that seems ever growing I cannot actually use every skein that crosses over into my domain.  If nothing else there isn't enough time in the day given everything I do to use anything within a guaranteed amount of time.  Also I tend to stash indiscriminately, taking any and everything regardless of color, amount, or fiber type.  I will say that there have been a number of skeins that I in no way wanted to use - having some aversion to the color or fiber type.  But still neither fact stops me from adding to my stash whenever I can.

As I just the other day went to look at my stash and noted that my shelf had grown to two shelves, which had originally been a bag I decided that it would be time to start something new or part with some.  Enter a little bit of craftivism...a yarn care package.  Being an artist it's natural that I know others who enjoy my works on a personal level.  And it just so happens that both are like me and are SAHM.  Knowing how tight money is for one who doesn't personally work I decided to "spread the love" and gift a crocheter and knitter.

So do you have a large craft stash that you can't realistically use in a small amount of time?  Might clearing some cluttered supplies also clear the way for more creativity for you (or make your significant other happier)?  Consider how you can use your excess towards some craftivism and feel free to share! many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

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