Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just arrived...

I'm a blogger, I like to blog, and it's just one of the things I do.  I guess part of it stems from being a writer and talkative in general (as I don't mind sharing my opinions here and there!)  But also I like to inspire and drive others to be creative and go beyond, "just what's there" and perhaps in my ramblings and daily/weekly goings on I can do this for someone every now and again, that would be nice :).

This blog is focused on things I'm doing of an artistic nature, hobby-like, but not for sale.  You'll notice that I'll be importing some posts from my other blog that is dedicated to my store - but this is for freebies and everything that's "not serious".

You'll also see a "realer" side of me I suppose.  For the sake of professionalism I try not to put anything negative on my business' blog.  I certainly don't want to hear about someone's troubles and complaints.  But then again as an artist accidents and mistakes do happen and while some are happy ones that result in wonderful innovation, many others are things that result in failure and complete frustration.

Here you'll find the real deal, the person behind the art...who at times has less than stellar days when creating or hits roadblocks.  She's a real person, someone you would live next to, or see at the supermarket who just like you has bad days sometimes! many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

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