Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mirror for Amaterasu - Part 1

I once commented to a non-artist about art saying:  "Art isn't meant to be perfect, it's simply meant to be."  I liked the quote so much that I even went so far as to add it to my Facebook for awhile.

While working on a piece I felt as a devotee I should do I came across the issue of struggling with my desire for things to be "just so" and just letting them be.

At the moment I am participating in a Goddess Workshop and our first round was with Amaterasu - Japanese sun goddess.  One of Her symbols is the mirror and I thought that it would be neat to take sun/fire colors and make a mirror for Her.  At first I balked at the idea of doing it completely from scratch, wanting to have it "perfect".  So I intentionally put it off.  But as we've moved on from Her to the next session - with The Muses - I am reminded again of the endeavor.  I added it to my list of projects and opted to give it a test go today even to see if I could work it out.

Frustatedly did I consult my math whiz of a boyfriend about dimensions, originally wishing to make a bagua style mirror (which actually is a Feng Shui symbol and thereby originally Chinese) with equal sized triangles.  I was informed that all 8 of them would not be the same size.  At that point I threw that idea out the window - much to his chagrin as he'd been working calculations for a estimated size.  Then I opted to try a trapezoid believe it to be easier.

Boy was I fooled!

My first one, while not perfectly, in lines on the glass looked pretty good.  That all went to hell when I actually cut the glass and it skewed the original lines *argh!*  At that point I considered giving up the endeavor altogether before I took the time to attempt to measure and cut anymore glass.  Then my quote rang in my ears and I decided that as a personal devotional piece perfection was not a requirement.  It was the inspiration, the thought, the meaning behind it rather than the finished product that I should be concerned with.  So long as it conveyed the meaning to me that I wished it to the Goddess would be pleased.

With that thought in mind I went ahead and finished out my remaining 7 pieces, cutting deliberately willy nilly and not worrying about exact size, just so long as it was approximate (a 3" base for each trapezoid and about a 1" top, with the sides close to 2").

As for now I'm taking a break (no pun intended) as I have no mirror on which to mount the stained glass.  Nor have I decided exactly how I want it attached.  (I'm considering having the mirror as a top layer and the pieces set on the back and hanging it from the wall, but am unsure as I've never mounted stained glass to something else.)

Glass Choices many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

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