Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Sewing Machine Hates Me...

Really, I think it does.

For the past few months (as you'll notice from a post I'm going to import to here later) I've been having "issues" with my sewing machine.  Frankly it's not that old, so it shouldn't be "crapping out on me" as they say.  But now having fixed the other issue - which was totally my fault, I have another one AND in the middle of a project albeit a short one.

My top thread has decided to break again and furthermore tangle in the bobbin case.  I consulted the almighty internets and came across this thread (pardon the pun) concerning my specific issue and am about to fiddle with my machine yet again to see if I can solve this conundrum.

Otherwise I'm giving up and deciding that Faeries must have been using my sewing machine and that's why it hates me - perhaps I should feed it...

***indeterminate passage of time as a result of trying yet again to appease my machine***

It's official, I'm waving the white thread, er flag.  My back - from leaning forward - is killing me, my thread is still not cooperating and I've just decided that calling it quits is a much safer thing for all involved.  Me - 0, Sewing Machine - 1.  While it's not a permanent defeat it's enough to stop me in my tracks and listen to the Sewing Gods, who apparently have decreed that I shall not sew anymore today.  I suppose I shouldn't complain given the fact that I did complete a brand new project yesterday...then again it'd be great if I could do the same again.  But apparently that's asking too much, oops.  Perhaps tomorrow? many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

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