Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Bartering...Reiki Awakening Logo: Part 1

If you didn't know, as well as being an artist I'm also a healer and teacher.  A fellow Reiki Master who I consider both a friend and mentor had a class she was offering that I desperately wanted to take.  Working for myself from home funds are limited still (though I'm working on my positive thinking and manifestation and making progress).  I asked how she felt about a trade at the point that I found out I couldn't pay her - stoopid IRS eating my tax refund :( - and she was fine with it.

As I love doing my art in some cases I'm not overly attached to it, so long as it goes to a good home and to someone who appreciates it, parting with it isn't a big deal.  Granted I like to be paid, I tend towards covering my expenses and making a small fee (usually intuitively chosen) rather than charging for my time.  Besides I think if I added all of that together my prices would be ridiculous because what artist would want to work for minimum wage?!

So I offered her whatever she wanted, so long as the supplies didn't greatly exceed what she wanted for her class (which in most cases they don't) and we ended up talking about a logo for her Reiki business.  I'd been wanting to design one for her and had some inspiration so straight away got to work on it.  What I came up with was simple but I think classy.  I had a few orders come in via my main store and was able to purchase the supplies all in town (rather than ordering offline and waiting) and paid less than I could have otherwise, which was great.

I've been "diligently" working on it though it's all in cross stitch and you can imagine how long THAT is taking (though for all this effort I think it'll look great when I'm done)!

My Floss Choices
(so far so good with them, although I will likely try colors for the "red" hues that are closer together next time)

Aida Cloth
(not my original color choice but what was immediately available) many things, sew little thyme for ewe and eye...

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